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Here are some frequently asked questions!

A Forex Trading Signal/Alert is a calculated trade based on a sequence and combination of satisfied rules that one of our Trade Simple FX traders shares to our subcribers.
Our Signals/Alerts are typically delivered in the following format:
🚨Bought 2% Gold @ 1259.62
⛔️SL @ 1257.20
✅TP @ 1266.21
When you subscribe to one of our packages you will receive an automated email with all the details you will need going forward with Trade Simple FX.
The email will contain a link to a Telegram Channel (free app download). Signals will be posted in live time to execute instantly or to be placed as a pending order.
Signals are sent out when an appropriate trading opportunity presents, we delivery intraday and swing trading opportunities, it will be clear which trade is a intraday/swing because of the take profit and stoploss margin sizes.
Because of the above, signal delivery and quantity can’t be guaranteed as we offer quality over quantity. However, we do trade all trading sessions and typically signal between 1-4 trades a day.
We do infact recommend a broker, please see the ‘How We Trade’ section.
As best practice, we obviously preach our subscribers to manage their risk and manage their capital. Therefore we advise trading with 1-2% risk per trade and never to exceed 6% risk cumulative amongst all held positions. We aim to trade a minimum of 1:1.5 risk-to-reward per trade, but have caught some monster 1:4 in recent times.
What you can expect to make depends on what you are willing to risk, we are happy to build bespoke trading plans for our clients to forecast sensible account growth upon demand.
We are also able to advise on take profit strategies, risk management and withdrawals routines to ensure profits are banked and withdrawals are made so that our subscribers can pay themselves.
However, we understand there are more aggressive traders that trade amongst our team, and have seen feedback of accounts flips from £200 to £5,000 in 4 days (see instagram testimonials).
NOT every signal will guarantee profit, anybody that tells you they have a 100% success rate is not telling you the truth. However, statistically, over the duration of each trading month we have always been profitable.
Success rate is not everything, and neither is total pip count per month. It is important for each new trader to understand the following principle and this is what we teach:
Example 1:
Risk to reward 1:2
You lose 4 consecutive trades using a 50 pip stoploss risking 0.10 (1%) on GU. £1 a pip.
You are therefore down £200 from losing £50 on 4 consecutive occassions.
Example 2:
Risk to reward 1:5
You win your 5th trade with a 25 pip stoploss risking 0.20 (1%) on GU. £2 a pip. You hit your TP at 125 pips and are therefore profit £250 from winning 1 trade with a greater risk:reward and a heavier lot size due to a better entry, whilst still maintaining the same risk.
You have won 1/5 trades (20% win ratio) and you have profited £50 over 5 postions. This just goes to show that picking the correct setups and optimising entry is what gives the trader the ‘edge’ to secure profits and mitigate risk.
We always tell our new traders to only trade with what you can afford the lose. However, the bigger your initial capital, the less stress you put on your account. The bigger your account balance is… the bigger your profits will be whilst maintaining proper risk management.
We are able to help our new traders compound their accounts and scalp to build up a decent starting account balance. Please enquire for more information.
Payment are reccurring monthly. So if you would like to cancel you can do so by amending your Paypal subscription via Paypal.
You are not tied into anything so you can come and go as you please.

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